FERN Media Partners and Sponsors

FERN Executive Director, Susan Fant, at Foresight and Trends. Foresight and Trends is an annual conference organized by FERN Media Partner, IIR. 

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FERN is project of the Acceleration Studies Foundation (ASF). ASF is a 501c3 based out of Mountain View, California. To learn more about ASF click this link: www.accelerating.org 


At times, FERN will partner with various organizations and conferences as a media partner to help promote and publicize events. We do this freely on our foreisght calendar and LinkedIn groups. However, when an organization or conference becomes a media partner we will also post banner advertisements and send a selected number of personalized messages and emails to our members. While we are protective of our subscriber list, when the opportunity is right and everyone benefits, we consider partnerships a great way to help support FERN and support organizations and events we believe will be of help to our community. If you would like to learn more about media partner packages, email Susan at susanchesley@gmail.com with the subject line ATTN: Media Partners. 


FERN operates by the generous support of our sponsors. These sponsors work hand in hand with FERN to support our mission. Sponsors donate money and supplies to FERN on a yearly or one time only basis. FERN past and present sponsors include the Acceleration Studies Foundation, John Smart, Susan Fant, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Steve Jurvetson of, Draper Fisher Jurvetson Venture Capital. If you would like to include FERN in your giving plans, email Susan at susanchesley@gmail.com with the subject line ATTN: FERN Sponsors.