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FERN aims to provide foresight resources to the foresight community at large. From beginners to experts, we have information about foresight and long term strategy that you can use today.  

/// Global Foresight

Global Foresight at        is our wiki project site where we list various academic programs, resources, and guides worldwide. Start your foresight research here! 

/// The Foresight Guide

The Foresight Guide teaches readers how to be a leaders in creating, anticipating, and managing the future. Foresight benefits yourself, your company, and the world - as long term planning and sustainability of resources is paramount to surviving and thriving. Click the picture to learn more about this ebook.  

The Foresight Guide

By John Smart

with Josh Davis, Susan Fant, and Anna-Leena Vasamo

/// The Foresight Awareness Campaign

The Foresight Awareness Campaign is a new FERN iniative for 2014-2015. We will be promoting foresight as a study and tool to universities and organizations worldwide. If you'd like to volunteer on this project, click here to Contact FERN. 

Create, Anticipate, & Manage the future 

The Foresight Awareness Campaign

Foresight EDucation and REsearch Network

/// Foresight    Event Calendar

The Foresight Event Calendar is a community based calendar for events in foresight and long term strategy. Click the picture to see our 2014-2015 Calendar and the events you can attend worldwide. 

On the road with FERN

2014-2015 Calendar

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