The Foresight Guide

The Foresight Guide (500 pages, 14 chapters) teaches readers how to be better leaders in three key skills of foresight - anticipatingcreating, and managing the future. Foresight's forward view ranges from prioritizing our next few minutes to seeking to improve the future of humanity. We can use good foresight in every industry, profession, and social domain. It can help us become better leaders of ourselves, our organizations, and the world


The Guide is available free forever at It is written in a book-blog form, with each page commentable by everyone, for whom it is written. Twelve chapters are presently online. The final chapters (2 and 7) are being written in Q4 2016. The Guide will also be available on Amazon in Q2 2017.  

The Foresight Guide

By John M. Smart

with Josh Davis, Susan Fant, Zhan Li,
Kevin Russell, and Anna-Leena Vasamo

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The Future. 

The Foresight Guide prepares readers to better anticipate, create, and manage the future by exploring two major areas: general futures thinking, including plausible trends and stories of the 21st century, and the methods and models of professional foresight practice.


The Guide includes a chapter surveying members of FERN's network of 3,500+ foresight practitioners, and many other resources for building better futures for yourself, your clients, and the world.


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