Foresight Awareness Campaign 

Create, Anticipate, & Manage the future 

The Foresight Awareness Campaign

Foresight EDucation and REsearch Network

What is the future? How can you proactively take charge of your own future instead of simply reacting to it?


Welcome to foresight. At FERN, our goal is to increase awareness of foresight as a discipline and study that can help people, organizations, companies and countries learn and understand more about their futures and how to preapre for a range of possible futures. From understanding the patterns of a national debt crisis, to forecasting the probability of a malaria outbreak, the future maters. 


In the coming year, FERN will develop a campaign to increase awareness amongst universities and organizations worldwide about foresight and the tools people can utilize to better create, anticipate, and manage the future.


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Foresight Awareness

Through Education

One of the first iterations of the Foresight Awareness Campaign was to partner with the Oxford Scenarios Programme at Oxford University's Saїd Business School to create a series of You Tube videos about scenario planning, foresight, and the book Business Planning for Turbulant Times.


If you are part of an academic foresight program and would like to work with FERN to create a series of videos or educational opportunities please be in touch. We hope you enjoy the following videos on scenario planning! 


To learn more about the Oxford Scenarios Programme, click here:

Foresight Development and Scenarios

A General Focus on Foresight


Business Planning for Turbulant Times

Lessons Learned and Future Plans